Brest Augmentation

Breasts can be augmented with implants or injecting your own fat. Around the world, breast implants are most commonly used, however, Indian patients are not so comfortable with others knowing that they have had plastic surgery and many women choose to use their own fat to enlarge their breasts.

Breast Implants:- Implants are placed either under your breast or under the pectorals muscle. Silicone implants are our first choice.

Fat Grafting:- Your own fat is harvested from any part of your body that has unwanted fat. The fat is processed and injected through small incisions around your breasts.


Brest Reduction

Breast reduction surgery is an outpatient procedure performed under general anesthesia and typically takes between three to five hours, depending on the breast size. During the surgery, excess breast tissue is removed to achieve the patient's desired breast size.

Immediately after the surgery, patients are dressed in a snug surgical bra with large straps to support the breasts and take some of the weight off of the incisions.


Breast Lift

In a breast lift (also known as mastopexy), droopy breasts are given a lift to improve the nipple position as well as improve the shape of the breast. It is often done in combination with nipple reduction or areolar reduction to improve the aesthetics of the breast. Breast volume can also be augmented at the same time, this is known as an augmentation mastopexy.

There are many ways to perform a breast lift. The goal of all the procedures is to lift the nipple to the desired height and reshape the breast into a more aesthetic form.

In some patients, this goal can be achieved with augmentation using breast implants alone.

More commonly, incisions are needed around the nipple to lift it up to the desired height.

If you have a lot of excess skin, incisions may be needed on the breast to remove the excess skin.


Male Chest

The abnormality of the development of breasts on a male body is called gynecomastia. Since breasts are associated with feminine gender, a male having gynecomastia is constantly under physiological and psychological disturbance caused by the embarrassing deformity. Such miserable souls who are trapped in a very low self-esteem can be given a fresh lease of life by a plastic surgeon. The above aberration is very much reversible and can be resolved by liposuction and the gland excision and most importantly the skill of the surgeon lies in leaving a minimal scar mark post-surgery or camouflaging the same.