Axillary breasts Treatment in Vizag

Axillary breasts is a common condition causes concern and discomfort for many women.

This 35 years old lady who is a mother of two had an lumps under armpits for many years, making her feel conscious and annoyed about it.

For her problem of axillary breasts, we did liposuction and excision under local anaesthesia with minimal scars.

The patient is very satisfied and happy with the results & can wear sleeveless and form-fitting outfits now with more confidence!!

Do you find struggling to lose that extra-fat in that area? Consult the top surgeon of Vizag @dr.sunitaaesthetics for the best long-lasting results. . . Clinic Information: Dr. Sunita Aesthetics, Vishakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh Contact: 09100940055 Website: Email Id: . . . Disclaimer: These snap shots of before and after surgery results are purely the illustrations of my work. Dr Sunita Aesthetics does not constitute an implied or any other kind of guarantee of the result of surgical or a non-surgical procedure as all the treatments are subject to the clinical condition of each individual patient and also other health parameters. These photos are more for awareness of the various possible procedures and remedies under the plastic surgery. . . . #breastaugmentation #breastaugmentationnyc #flashyrecoverybreastaugmentation #breastaugmentationandlift #axillarybreastaugmentation #breastaugmentationmiami #revisionbreastaugmentation #transaxillarybreastaugmentation #naturalbreastaugmentation

Dr.Sunita  Plastic Surgery in Vizag
Axillary breasts Treatment in Vizag

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