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Updated: Aug 11, 2020

Dr. Sunita Ghanta is the Best Plastic Surgeon in Vizag, She is a highly acclaimed and well accomplished Plastic surgeon in Visakhapatnam, having a professional standing of more than 15 years. Being the best Plastic Surgeon in Vizag, She carries the reputation of a versatile plastic surgeon having carried out innumerable surgeries like Breast reduction, Brest Augmentation, Gynecomastia (Male breast reduction), scar revisions, Rhinoplasty,  Post-burn reconstruction, Maxillofacial Trauma, etc to name a few. Apart from being gifted with desirable dexterous surgical hands, having a tremendous sense of body contour, having a keen eye for the finesse, the patience to understand the patient's woes and having the pleasant manners to handhold the patient during the post-op, she is a much preferred Cosmetic surgeon not only in Visakhapatnam but also out of the city.

She runs a CLEFT Centre at APOLLO Hospitals, Visakhapatnam in association with ABMSS and DCKH,  a charitable organization. With a great amount of success, she has carried out hundreds of Cleft surgeries and Rhinoplasty on patients from various parts of the country with a poor socioeconomic background where the patients are often months old babies. It has been a life-altering situation for the patients and their families.

Our Mission: Our mission is to provide life-changing experience to every single patient of ours by endeavoring to give the best possible results through plastic surgery while giving utmost priority to the wellbeing of the patient. Dr. Sunita is the best plastic surgeon in Vizag and We shall do surgery ethically only on those who are fit and deserving medically, at the most reasonable cost, while our degree of commitment to the patient is independent of his/ her affordability.

More than anything, You want a surgeon who connects with you on a personal and professional level, providing quality care to help you look and feel your very best. At Dr Sunita Aesthetics for Plastic Surgery, our patients are fortunate to enjoy the care of a highly-qualified plastic surgeon. Our services include cosmetic surgery, pediatric plastic surgery, reconstructive plastic surgery and medical spa.

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ANS)   Liposuction is a very safe procedure when done to remove the unwanted fat in certain areas of the body to achieve an aesthetic body contour in motivated persons who despite all efforts fail to lose the fat deposits.


ANS) It is best recommended for people who regularly exercise and maintain ideal body weight, yet fail to get rid of the genetically deposited fat. Liposuction is the ideal solution to get rid of it and to get the body contour they wish to have.

It is not a recommended procedure for weight loss


Ans) It’s done as a daycare procedure and under local anesthesia

Liposuction: It is often seen that women deal with stubborn fat around the waist or back during their middle age or pregnancy and it hampers the overall body contour. But now with the help of liposuction, your cosmetic surgeon can sculpt a better shape of your body, achieving jaw-dropping improvements with subtle changes.

Though this shouldn’t be considered as a weight loss alternative as it is just the removal of stubborn fat which accumulates in some specific parts of the body as fat pockets and this does require proper diet and exercise routine to maintain the result for a longer duration of time.So, it is a 100% safe procedure and an excellent way to improve the shape of your body.

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