Nevus on face.

A birthmark with excessive amount of melanin and hair over it, giving it a dark look in addition to a fuzzy texture. It hampers the facial appearance causing low-confidence and distress to the child and parents. Sometimes these lesions can also turn cancerous in later age The above picture is one year after the surgery of a six years old girl child who was born with hairy Nevus on face. The treatment required complete excision along with full thickness skin grafting. The remaining hyper pigmented area on her nasal ala will be treated with laser. The results are phenomenal and will even get better as the time goes by. Every person is different and unique, so if you have any query or want to book a consultation please call: 09100940055 Email Id: Website: . . . Disclaimer: These snap shots of before and after surgery results are purely the illustrations of my work. Dr Sunita Aesthetics does not constitute an implied or any other kind of guarantee of the result of surgical or a non-surgical procedure as all the treatments are subject to the clinical condition of each individual patient and also other health parameters. These photos are more for awareness of the various possible procedures and remedies under the plastic surgery #nevus #hairynevus #mucosa #birthmark #mole #piqment #lipoma #papilloma #ziyil #ateroma #dermatoonkoloji #ksantelazma #ksantoma #keratoma #drnargizhasanova #surgitron #dermatofibroma #g #milium #si #lazer #dermatoloq #melanoma #burun #m #deritoremesi #plazmapen #bhfyp #bestplasticsurgeoninvizag

Nevus on face.

Nevus on face.

Nevus on face.

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