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Plastic or cosmetic surgeries have been a primordial medical practice all over the world. It can be traced back to the ancient Indian Sanskrit scripts wherein surgeons like Sushruta and Charak operated various reconstructive surgeries on the human body since 800 BC. The ancient Egyptian civilization was also very much into cosmetic plastic surgeries around 2500 BC. However, in our modern world, 1814 marks the year of first plastic surgery. All of this information gives us a clear idea that plastic surgery is not a brand new thing. It has been carried out by leading surgeons from the primitive days of human civilization.

In today's world, different types of plastic surgeries target different needs. They develop your appearance and also make any dysfunctional body part function naturally.

Since the number of plastic surgeons is increasing daily, you need to know the best plastic surgeons in Visakhapatnam. It helps you get better services and ensures that you get rid of all your problems never to bother you next time. That's why Dr. Sunita Ghanta, one of the best cosmetic surgeons in Vizag, has been winning hearts for performing immensely successful plastic surgeries and cosmetic procedures at Dr. Sunita Aesthetics Clinic. It is the best hospital in Vizag for plastic and cosmetic surgeries as it values your concern and helps you get the desired appearance you want.

Why you need to know about the Best Cosmetic Surgeon Doctors in Vizag -

Dr. Sunita Aesthetics Clinic stands out to be the best hospital for plastic surgery in Vizag because it guarantees complete satisfaction so that you feel your best inside out. With an enormous experience of fifteen years in operating versatile plastic surgeries and a knack for connecting with patients from a professional and personal level, Dr. Sunita remains to be the best plastic surgeon in Vizag.

While gathering information on the best plastic surgeons in Visakhapatnam, you need to remember few things to get the best results out of plastic surgery. Some factors play an essential role in a surgical procedure. Moreover, because of the excessive growth of plastic surgeons and plastic surgery clinics, you need to pay more attention to know which particular hospital meets your expectations. So, here's presenting you some of the vital factors that define how your plastic surgery experience will be.

Experienced Surgeon and Technologically Advanced Clinic

Reconstructive Surgery in Visakhapatnam is not new at all. However, you should be aware that even a tiny surgery comes with its risks. Having an experienced cosmetic surgeon doctor in Vizag minimizes the chances of risks in plastic surgeries and provides you with the best solutions to your particular problems.

The best plastic surgeon in Visakhapatnam, Dr. Sunita, has earned this reputation as she has performed numerous cosmetic plastic surgeries for more than fifteen years. Working towards acknowledging the sufferings of her patients, she treats them with utmost care and respect with her profound knowledge of body contour and her tremendous urge for perfection. She operates complex surgical procedures very efficiently. And last but not least, her caring and supportive nature

encourages every patient during and after any surgery.

Dr. Sunita Aesthetics Clinic is a well-equipped best hospital for plastic surgery in Vizag with revolutionary instruments to perform any reconstructive surgery in Visakhapatnam. The technologically developed equipment ensures nothing less than the best for your needs.

Various health benefits of plastic surgery

Deciding to go through a needle is, of course, a life-changing decision. But, you need to know that plastic or cosmetic surgery will change your outer appearance. It will also have a high impact on your physical and mental well-being.

Your physical health improves after undergoing the desired reconstructive surgery on your body. For example, rhinoplasty, or the much more famous term, a nose job, redefines the shape of your nose and clears out any breathing problems. Just like a nose job, liposuction also enables you to become a healthier version of yourself. It becomes way easier to maintain a healthy weight after liposuction. Breast reduction surgery is another example because it frees you from severe back and neck pain and skin irritations.

Achieving the body you longed for also boosts your self-confidence significantly, resulting in better mental health. You can now actually see the body you desired in the mirror. It also opens various possibilities for your career as you can feel confident inside out.

Plastic surgeons in Visakhapatnam at affordable prices

In the not-so-distant past, plastic surgery was a thing of luxury and belonged to the upper-class citizens only. But today, cosmetic plastic surgeries have become as usual as any other operations. Now, the need for changing a particular part of your body has been well-accepted and customary in society, and the affordability of such procedures plays a significant role here.

The best hospital in Vizag for plastic and cosmetic surgeries offers you a range of versatile plastic surgery at the most cost-effective price points. You can avail breast-lift surgery, breast augmentation, male breast reduction surgery, rhinoplasty, and many more transformational surgeries at the most affordable prices, which suit you the best in Dr. Sunita Aesthetics Clinic in Visakhapatnam. None of the patients of Dr. Sunita fails to go through surgery because of the cost of it. So, she remains the best plastic surgeon in Visakhapatnam, delivering complete satisfaction to her patients at affordable prices.

Undoubtedly, cosmetic plastic surgery welcomes a remarkable transformation. It changes your life and your perception of life. That's why it's vital to feed yourself more knowledge about the change plastic surgery can bring to your life. Now, let's jump on to the variety of plastic surgeries you can avail of from the best cosmetic surgery clinic in Vizag.

Breast Augmentation Surgery

What is Breast Augmentation Surgery?

Breast Augmentation, commonly known as Boob job, refers to plastic surgery which increases the size of breasts or provides desired and even shapes to your breasts. That's why it is also called a breast enlargement procedure.

In women, breast enlargement surgeries are a commonly practiced one. The reasons for wanting a breast augmentation in Visakhapatnam can be several. Like, women who are noticing different shapes of their breasts after pregnancy or breastfeeding. Also, who has survived breast cancer and now want to beauty their chest appearance. In young girls, breast enhancement care in Visakhapatnam is top-rated as it gives them an even pair of breasts. Hence, it removes the lack of confidence in them for not having the breasts' desired size or shape.

How is breast enlargement surgery performed?

Breast enlargement doctors in Vizag perform this surgical procedure in many practical ways, such as using fat transfer or breast implants.

Fat transfer for breast augmentation in Visakhapatnam

Fat transfer is a method of transferring fat from the extra fatty areas of your body, like your buttocks, thighs, or belly, to the breasts to increase their size. It is a commonly practiced breast aesthetics in Vizag, which is very helpful to gain the ideal pair of breasts you craved for.

Breast implants procedure in Visakhapatnam

Breast implants are a way of placing implants on your breasts to make them bigger. These implants can be placed above the pectoral muscles or beneath them by creating a pocket. Implants are widespread in today's generation. You can get a thorough knowledge about breast enhancement care in Visakhapatnam from breast enlargement doctors in Vizag, who will help you choose the perfect size, material, and style of implants best suited for your body.

Breast Lift surgery

What is breast lift surgery?

Mastopexy or breast lift surgery is a surgical procedure that makes the breast's appearance and forms better. The breast lift surgery clinic in Visakhapatnam offers a firmer pair of breasts to you so that you look younger and more confident.

Breasts lose their shape over time due to various reasons like breastfeeding and pregnancy, changes in the overall weight of your body, and aging. So, breast lift surgery alters the changes your breasts have gone through over the years and makes them appear fuller, firmer, and more even.

Male breast reduction surgery

What is Male breast reduction surgery?

Male breast reduction surgery in Visakhapatnam, which refers to the medical term Gynecomastia surgery in Visakhapatnam, is a procedure where the swollen breasts in men get reduced. An imbalance in hormone stability, which results in swollen tissues of breasts, can cause Gynecomastia.

The hormone named Estrogen is primarily responsible for making the breast tissues in men swell up. It can also appear in young boys if their body goes through a hormonal imbalance. Other factors that can trigger swollen breasts in men include thyroid problems and obesity, or even drastic weight gain. Some side effects of earlier medications, some types of cancers, liver and kidney problems, and the usage of illegal and harmful drugs might also trigger this condition.

The best Gynecomastia surgeon in Visakhapatnam treats this Gynecomastia problem in many ways, depending on your age, condition, and health. Medication can also treat this condition. Also, in more complex cases of Gynecomastia, a surgical procedure is done in which the extra fat in the breasts gets reduced through liposuction or mastectomy.

Pediatric Surgery

Apart from some of the most common cosmetic plastic surgeries, Dr. Sunita is also a pediatric neurologist in Vizag, offering different cosmetic plastic surgeries to children, infants, and adolescents.

Dr. Sunita, one of the most reputed Pediatric surgery doctors in Vizag, specializes in operating on infants and children so that they can have a worry-free and everyday life as they grow.

Cleft lip surgery, which is a necessary surgery done in children to remove abnormal lips, is done with immense care and patience in Dr. Sunita Aesthetics Clinic. The pediatric surgery doctors in Vizag also have successfully operated on a Nevus on a child's face. Nevus is a birthmark that can have a different texture from the beginning. These can sometimes be cancerous growths too. That's why it is imperative to operate with fantastic skill, experience, knowledge, and care, which Dr. Sunita Aesthetics Clinic guarantees, the best cosmetic surgery clinic in Vizag.

Dr. Sunita Ghanta is one of the best plastic surgeons in Visakhapatnam and all over India. Along with her clinic, she has taken an oath to remove obstacles from patient's lives while giving them fantastic support and care. She treats every patient with great patience. She listens to their needs, desires, joys, and sorrows to make the connection between a doctor and a patient more robust, resulting in complete satisfaction and a solution to the problem. The surgeries mentioned above are just a few examples from her fifteen years-long experience, provided to make you more aware of some surgical procedures and the necessary things you need to keep in mind before deciding to do a surgery.

Final Thoughts

Plastic or cosmetic surgery fulfills your dreams in so many ways. It helps you become more confident in your skin and body, makes you healthier, eradicates your mental illnesses regarding your appearance, and benefits you physically and mentally. The cosmetic surgeon doctors in Vizag help you get the perfect version of yourself you have longed for. But, because every surgery comes with risks and rewards, you need to know the specific surgery you wish to go through. In this way, you will become assured that only the best results come to you and change your personality. Dr. Sunita Aesthetics Clinic is providing the best solutions for your different issues with utmost priority. It is a well-developed best hospital for plastic surgery in Vizag, which has been using only the advanced technologies and methods so that you can easily take the life-changing decision like getting plastic surgery done without any fear and regret.

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